Synchronous sessions

A couple of useful resources for planning synchronous sessions.

Also important to know is that integration of applications from the Zoom Market seems to be regulated at campus-level. Some applications might be  integrated into Zoom for a CUNY campus but not another. Refer to your IT division or instructional designers for more info pertinent to your campus.

Valeria Belmonti (CSI)

I am the director of the Modern Languages Media Center and instructional designer of the Online Learning Initiative Team at the College of Staten Island. I specialize in the implementation of technology into foreign languages and international studies courses with particular attention to the teaching of intercultural competence. I am the campus’ instructional designer for the development of virtual exchange initiatives, and from 2014 to 2018, I was the coordinator of the Heritage Telecollaboration projects for the Center for Integrated Language Communities (CILC), a National Language Resource Center. I hold M.A. in Educational Technology from New Jersey City University.

Synchronous sessions: lesson planning

I wanted to chime in on the subject of synchronous learning that was discussed in other threads and during our live meetings.  In particular, I am sharing some resources that provide tips on designing synchronous sessions best fit for the online environment (and provide suggestions that would work well also for a traditional f2f class).  Even when there is a desire to maintain live meetings as main modality for online course delivery, transitioning f2f sessions to Continue reading “Synchronous sessions: lesson planning”